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Tyreman v15

Whether you are a small independent with aspirations to grow or an international, multi-depot organisation, our new Tyreman v15 is scalable to fit your business needs.

Packed with features that will streamline your business process – all built on the needs of the user.


Designed for the smaller and start-up tyre business. Built on the reliability of Tyreman this is the perfect software solution for those in need of stock control and invoicing capability.

All of this upgradable to our Tyreman suite when your business is ready.

Feature List
Tyreman v15

Pricing and Stock Control



Supplier System Integration



Retail and Trade


Full Financial Ledgers

Multi-Company and Multi-Branch

Systems Integration with B2B, B2B and Handheld Systems

Electronic VAT Return


Fleet Management Module

Breakdown Module

Diary Module

Supplier Catalogue

Purchase Ordering

Imprest Stock Management

Plus much more…

The Tyreman System

Our Key Features


Call handlers have last sale & lost sale information displayed for individual customers when repeat enquiring for stock lines are received.

Ability to record reason for lost sales to provide information to management about future stock holding/pricing policies.

Feature Listing

Hosted Service

A dedicated service based at a secure data centre. You only need conventional PCs with internet access to operate the system and avoid the added time and expense of maintaining a server locally.

This greatly reduces initial investment and makes the cost of starting a new business or adding new branches as your business grows very cost effective.

Feature Listing

Business to Business

Your customers save time and money on phone calls and you release valuable staff time to concentrate on other duties, orders can even be placed when the office is closed.

With automatic order link straight to Tyreman as a held order, there is no re-keying of information, so the order only needs confirming prior to dispatch.

Feature Listing

Business to Customer

Linking directly to the back office system pricing and stock quantities are regularly updated to keep information up-to-date.

Online buying has become the modern way of trading and opens up your business to potential customer normally out of reach.

Feature Listing

EDI Wheel

EDI Wheel (Electronic Data Interchange) is a B2B data exchange protocol, a language that enables different computer system to talk to each other: between manufacturer and distributor, for example. It is already used in other European countries. It has now arrived in the UK. Its deployment is supported by the major tyre manufacturers for seamless stock replenishment and more.

Feature Listing

Full Accounting Suite

Everything you need to have an easy and efficient set of accounts.

Data syncs up automatically from when the stock enters your system all the way to the customer payment meaning you can keep track of everything you need.

Feature Listing

Stock Control

With the Tyreman system you'll know exactly where you stand with your stock.

A vast array of reports and enquiries will make sure your business runs smoothly even with thousands of stock items going in and out each day.

Feature Listing

Supplier Catalogues

Connecting directly with your suppliers at the click of a button you'll be able to find out exactly what tyres are available to you if you order now.

New stock items added directly onto the system without hiccup or delay.

Feature Listing
And plenty more...

Learn More About Our Extensive Feature List

There’s too many to list but here’s more we haven’t talked about; SMS Text Messaging, Emailing, Invoice History Reprints, Used Tyre Control, Up to 99 Prices per Tyre, Integrated Online VAT Submissions, Customer Statements, Breakdown System

We can also provide...

Digital Pens

What is it? An electronic pen that looks and works like an ordinary ballpoint, but captures handwriting from paper, forms and notes.

This simple handheld electronic device offers a new way to record and communicate information that is central to your business.

PDA Software

Using PDAs on a GPRS network, customers will be able to sign for deliveries on hand held PDA screens.

With signed documents updating the central system, this information is immediately available for proof of delivery.

Meet & Greet

This technology allows depot staff to meet consumers in the car park, take down tyre requirements and book in vehicles for work- all at the driver’s vehicle.

Using a web browser on the handheld device allows access to live stock quantities and pricing.